Let me know if I can be of assistance...

Are you an editor? I am available for celebrity interview, entertainment feature and lifestyle commissions. I have a reputation for capturing the spirit of interviewees, writing colourful, sharp and well-researched copy as well as more thoughtful reads. Please give me a call to discuss any interviews, features or projects that I can help with.
Are you a PR? When you need national coverage for your client or media campaign I can deliver. I will brainstorm the most suitable publications then use my wealth of editorial contacts to pitch and secure coverage. During a face to face or telephone interview with your client I will get enough content to serve either as one exclusive or for multiple reads.
Do you need a showbiz commentator? I am an industry expert and happy to be interviewed about all things entertainment. I’ve appeared on Sky News, Channel 4 News, LBC Radio and celebrity documentaries talking about everything from George Clooney’s wedding to the Bill Cosby rape allegations. Call if you need me to discuss a breaking celebrity news story or for a longer lead entertainment programme.